Keeping Liquor Public is a coalition of Manitoba organizations working for public safety, strong communities and quality public services. Here’s our founding statement.

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1505

“The Amalgamated Transit Union is proud to support this important campaign. Keeping Liquor Public means profits from the sale of alcohol can be used to support investments in social services and infrastructure.” Read More

Association of Commercial and Technical Employees

“The profits from the public sale of liquor in Manitoba are used to ensure so many important services are delivered each day.” Read More

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba Office

“A public liquor system allows us to balance the individual’s right to access liquor while mitigating the problems that arise from its abuse.” Read More

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

“CUPW members work for Canada Post in a number of roles including letter and mail carriers, postal clerks and mail handlers to name a few.” Read More

Cantor’s Quality Meats and Groceries

“As a local businessman, I am against the privatization of our liquor system. My family business has always been about quality, not only in our meats and products but also in customer service.” Read More

Council of Canadians

“Liquor Marts should stay public because keeping liquor sales public means liquor is sold responsibly keeping communities safer.” Read More

CUPE Manitoba

“Privatization means higher costs, service cuts, and no accountability.

“A private system could affect Manitobans economy greatly if we lose millions of dollars in revenues which fund crucial services like health care, education and other services such as addiction programs.” Read More

John Howard Society of Manitoba

“Our Mission at John Howard Society is to address the causes and consequences of crime. Our Vision is for a safer and healthier community for all.” Read More


“I know firsthand the hard work and dedication of the employees at Manitoba Liquor Marts. We are trained to serve Manitobans responsibly while delivering great customer service.” Read More

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

“Our thousands of members, which include health care professionals in emergency medical services, hospitals, clinics and laboratories, witness firsthand the devastation caused by alcohol abuse – physically, socially and emotionally.” Read More

Manitoba Building Trades & Allied Hydro Council

“Crown assets, such as Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, are valuable tools that provide a steady stream of revenue education and health care programs in our province. Maintaining public ownership of assets like this is in our province’s best interest.” Read More


“Keeping liquor sales public will ensure all Manitobans benefit from liquor revenues, and social priorities.”

“MBLL dedicates funds to educating the public about responsible gaming and drinking, and supports community organizations that help those in need.” Read More

Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union

“MBLL employees are highly qualified and trained as product specialists to provide the best service and advice to customers. Public Liquor stores across Canada have also proven to check for proof of age more than private stores.” Read More


“The sale of alcohol should be regulated and controlled differently than other products to ensure strong socially responsible safeguards are upheld.”

“It is also a benefit to know that the profits from the sale of alcohol are used in part to help deal with addictions and other health-related aspects associated with abuse and overuse.” Read More

National Union of Public and General Employees

“The facts clearly show that privatization of liquor stores in Manitoba, or any other province, is just bad public policy, being advocated by a few who see an opportunity to make big bucks at the expense of the citizens of Manitoba.” Read More

Paramedic Association of Manitoba

“Motor vehicle collisions and other accidents resulting from impairment are frequent calls we attend to. The Paramedic Association of Manitoba is concerned that further privatization of liquor sales and distribution could result in an increased number of these incidents.

” Read More

The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

“Today, Manitoba faces an array of complications which threaten the social and economic health of our community, such as unemployment and under-employment. The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg supports a public liquor system.

” Read More

UFCW Local 832

“Manitoba’s Government-run stores are more convenient than ever with the many modernized changes over the last few years. We don’t feel like our public system is broken, so why is there a need to change anything?” Read More


“UNIFOR is proud to join this coalition in unanimous support of public liquor sales. Public liquor sales ensure Manitobans have good paying jobs.” Read More

United Steelworkers District 3

“Privatizing Manitoba’s public liquor sales would be a bad deal for our province. Not only would Manitobans face higher prices and less selection, a private system would also pose huge risks to the public services we depend on.” Read More

Winnipeg Labour Council

“The current system is serving Manitobans well; it offers a healthy balance of great customer service, safer communities, social responsibility and good quality jobs.

” Read More

Yvonne Block, Former CEO

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

“Public ownership allows for responsible messaging, responsible marketing strategies and the ability to direct a substantial portion of the profits from sales to address the harms associated with the sale and use of liquor.” Read More

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Safer streets and healthier communities — public serves us better.


    Keeping liquor public means safer streets, stronger communities & better service


Public serves us better!

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