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For Customers

Public Liquor Marts work

  • Over 93% of Liquor Mart customers are satisfied with their overall experience.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys rate front-line staff at public liquor marts as extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the products they offer.
  • Public Liquor Marts are constantly modernizing to serve you better, from Express Liquor Marts in grocery stores to expanded hours and locations to bottle and cork stations to home delivery.
  • Private liquor stores can be smaller than Liquor Mart locations, and limit selection due to shelf space. If you want selection, you want public — carrying more than 4,500 products.
For Communities

Public Liquor Marts work

  • Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries invests $12.9 million to promote safety, help fund addictions treatment services and help parents talk to their kids about alcohol.
  • Public Liquor Mart staff are trained to spot intoxicated and underage buyers. The result: safer communities and less under-age drinking.
  • In 2019, Manitoba’s public liquor stores began asking all customers for ID and refused services to over 12,000 intoxicated people and over 14,000 minors.
  • Manitoba’s public liquor sales create more than a thousand community-supporting jobs.
For Communities
For Manitobans

Public Liquor Marts work

  • Profits from Manitoba’s Public Liquor Marts stay in Manitoba. From 2020-2021, they generated over $320 million in profits and tax revenue that went to fund health, education and other crucial services.
  • Because Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries is a Crown corporation, we all own it — and it’s accountable to all of us, not to a handful of shareholders and foreign investors.
  • Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries invests in sponsoring events large and small across the province — from bringing the Canada Summer Games here, to supporting community events and festivals like Special Olympics Manitoba and Folklorama.

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Profits from Manitoba’s Public Liquor Marts stay in Manitoba — funding health, schools and more.


    Manitoba’s Public liquor: 855 family-supporting jobs, wages stay in the community, and profits fund services you count on


Coalition Partners

We’re a coalition of Manitoba organizations working for public safety, strong communities and quality public services.

MGEU Golico

Cantor’s Quality Meats and Groceries

CUPE Manitoba

Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

National Union of Public and General Employees

Larry Brown
NUPGE National President

UFCW Local 832

Council of Canadians

Manitoba Federation of Labour

Winnipeg Labour Council

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1505

MADD Canada

Manitoba Nurses Union

Paramedic Association of Manitoba

Yvonne Block, former CEO, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

John Howard Society of Manitoba

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

United Steelworkers District 3

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