Last year, 15 Manitobans went to work and didn’t come home as a result of a workplace tragedy. And 15,000 more were injured seriously enough to require time off work. Last week, I was privileged to share a podium with one of the families that lost a loved one to a workplace tragedy last year. The parents of Brittany Murray joined me at a news conference to raise awareness about the importance of provincial workplace safety and health policies. You can read their moving and powerful statement in the Your Stories section of our website. They can tell you better than anyone why we all need to be concerned about safety at work. It’s because of stories like theirs that the Working Families Manitoba campaign has released Making it Home Safely from Work, a report card on where Manitoba’s political parties stand on the policies that keep us safe at work. We think working families deserve to know BEFORE they vote in the provincial election next fall. I encourage you to check out the Report Card and ask provincial candidates, parties and leaders what they will do to keep us safe at work. If politicians hear from enough of us, they will understand how seriously we expect them to take our health and safety.