As we approach the end of the school year, the SAFE Workers of Tomorrow centre can once again take pride in the good work it has done this past year promoting a culture of workplace health and safety. Safe Workers of Tomorrow visits high schools across Manitoba teaching high school students about their health and safety rights at work. This year, the centre was able to reach 1 out of every 3 Manitoba high school students with a face-to-face message about workplace safety. That’s a big achievement that will make a big difference in preventing injuries and death on the job. We were very pleased when the Province announced in April that SAFE Workers of Tomorrow will have new resources and a stable, long-term funding agreement to support its work. This is an important step forward in keeping our workplaces safe. We will be even more pleased when SAFE Workers of Tomorrow has the resources to reach EVERY Manitoba high school student. Every graduate deserves to know their workplace health and safety rights before they leave school. Between now and this fall’s provincial election, let’s ask the political parties and candidates if they will increase support for the good work of SAFE Workers of Tomorrow. For more information about what our politicians have done and said about SAFE Workers of Tomorrow so far, check out the Working Families Manitoba report card HERE. Kevin Rebeck is President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and spokesperson for the Working Families Manitoba Campaign.